“Because of the amazing people I’ve met at Hillel for Utah, I feel like I’ve been able to find my place in a community and feel proud of my Jewish heritage.”
Ella Abramson

By supporting Utah’s only Jewish campus organization, you assure students gain valuable leadership experiences, build their network of friends, and are inspired to have a positive experience with Jewish life and learning.

A gift of any amount to Hillel for Utah is an investment in the Jewish future

Give $36 and sponsor a student for our Winter Shabbaton.
Give $54 and sponsor a student participating in a community service overnight trip.
Give $200 and sponsor an entire Shabbat.
Give $500 and sponsor our Hanukkah celebration.
Give $1800 and sponsor our Passover Seder

The more Torah, the more life!
Student engagement climbs when Hillels have a Jewish educator on staff, have low student to staff ratios, and can increase their program investment per student. Hillel for Utah is building on this level of successful student impact through a Springboard Ezra Fellowship*.

Our Springboard Ezra Fellow, Elana Fauth, is already planning Utah’s Birthright trip, prepping for the Jewish Learning Fellowship in Spring 2020, and reaching out to all of Hillel for Utah’s students to hear their Jewish stories and engage them in this remarkable Utah Jewish campus community.

Hillel for Utah’s Chai Campaign has a goal to raise $18,000 for each of the next two years to support this fellowship.

Contact Dana Tumpowsky (hillelutah@gmail.com) for more information.

*Named for the biblical scribe Ezra who brought the Torah to the marketplace and translated it so that people could understand, recent college graduates trained in pluralistic and experiential Jewish education techniques infuse relevant Jewish learning into their work as an engagement professional on a local campus for two years.